Why and how...

A Dark-Wine Bar and an ONLINE chef's micro-grocery

We wanted to be able to help you even remotely to be able to access our know-how and our advice in oenology and for connoisseurs to let you continue to benefit from our beautiful references.

Offer to as many people as possible: the usual superb references of a wine bar, that's nice.

All the more cool: being able to order by mixing the bottles.

In addition, power on the same order accompanied by adding a selection of very targeted delicatessen...

Thanks to our real Chef, to these contacts and his knowledge of the products, you can, with your eyes closed, let yourself be advised on the possible pairings to be made according to your tastes or your thirst for discovery.

We thus wish:

  • To be able to show you another life around wine and its conviviality
  • To be able to make you travel tastefully in the regions of our beautiful France.
  • To be able to make the link between you and our winegrowers and producers.

This Dark-Wine Bar and Cheftrub therefore offers you:

  • Quality wines, drinks and champagnes
  • Farmhouse and artisanal charcuterie and smoked meats
  • Preserves (sardines, terrines...) prepared with love by our artisans
  • Vacuum-packed meats (to prepare your best meals)
  • Jars (semi-preserved, 5 months in the refrigerator) of ready-to-use dishes by Cheftrub
  • But also sweet, gourmet and authentic...

Something to delight the greatest number by reserving a large place for fair, well-made, tasty, healthy and eco-responsible products.

Alcohol should be consumed in moderation