Apple Caramel and Fleur de Sel Jam

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la Confituriere

Ref : CONF10

A recipe inspired by Normandy and Brittany where the apple is mixed with a salted butter caramel with fleur de sel from Guérande.

Carole Brunet in 2002 founded the Confiturière in the South-West (Tarn)

From a line of bakers and pastry chefs for 4 generations, she preferred to give herself the mission of offering jams with a high organic fruit content only.

The recipes are imagined in collaboration with her pastry chef daughter and her son.

Good, healthy and original in these jams which keep the traditional manufacturing methods (copper cauldron, etc...)

STORAGE 4 years, keep cool

INGREDIENTS Apples, cane sugar, butter, fresh cream, fleur de sel from Guérande, pears, chestnuts, cane sugar, lemons, timut berries

Eco-Friendly, organic, vegan, handmade, made in France

Weight: 200g