Crumbled sardines with lemon, olives and almonds

la belle-illoise

Ref : S762

A recipe full of freshness inspired by the flavors of Sardinia.

The lemon zest brings a hint of bitterness, the juice is fruity, the grilled almonds are crunchy, the Provençal notes and the olive oil add a little southern accent.

LABEL Responsible fishing seasonality of species pole-and-line fishing or pelagic trawling

PAIRING EXAMPLE Mashed sardines/potatoes/spinach or Di Sardaigna salad with avocado.


INGREDIENTS Sardine fillets (49.2%), extra virgin olive oil, sautéed onions, lemon juice (5.9%), green olives (5.8%), grilled almonds (2.5%), aromatic plants , lemon (1.7%), cassava starch, salt, sugar, spices. "Despite the attention given, pits and broken pits of olives may be present".

Allergens: Fish, Almonds