Crumbled sardines sweetness Bastide - Brittany

la belle-illoise

Ref : S790

The delicate flesh of the sardine harmonizes with the sweetness of the “candied” fennel, dried tomatoes and sautéed onions…

Everything is enhanced by a fresh note of Provençal herbs and lemon juice then seasoned with a fruity extra virgin olive oil for an anthology of flavors that takes you to the heart of the bastides.

Responsible fishing LABEL seasonality of species pole-and-line fishing or pelagic trawling

PAIRING EXAMPLE Verrine of sardines with Piccalilli sauce

STORAGE 2-4 years

INGREDIENTS Sardine fillets (39 6%), extra virgin olive oil, fennel (14 9%), onions (9 3%), lemon juice, tomatoes (2 9%), semi-dried tomatoes (2 8% ), browned onions (24%), cassava starch, garlic, aromatic plants (09%), salt, star anise, spices.

Allergen(s): Fish