Champagne jelly with French Saffron - organic

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Le Safran

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Two noble products par excellence, the alliance of champagne and saffron.

The champagne used in the making of this jelly comes from the Deneufchatel house, located on the Côte des Blancs in Bergères les Vertus. We use a blanc de blancs champagne, which is less acidic.

This jelly holds together perfectly, and is almost cut with a knife.

The Côte des Blancs is a wine-growing area belonging to the Champagne vineyard. It owes its name to the color of the grape variety that is 95% planted there, Chardonnay, which is also the only white grape variety authorized in Champagne.
The Côte des Blancs gives birth to prized champagnes, which according to connoisseurs are imbued with liveliness and spirit, with light and delicate aromas, symbols of finesse and elegance.

PAIRING EXAMPLE Cheese, foie gras or pour this preparation over meat or fish!

STORAGE Two weeks in a cool place after opening

INGREDIENTS Blanc de blancs champagne (49.8%), sugar (49.8%), agar-agar (0.3%), saffron (0.02%).

Allergen(s) - Sulphites - Natural pecitin

Vegan, organic, Made in France

Weight: 100g