Mandarin Orange & Nectar Honey Rooibos Infusion

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Les abeilles de Malescot

Ref : MAL03

An original and healthy box, refined by the bees of Malescot on their farm in Lot-et-Garonne.

On the menu: Nectar honey and natural Rooibos from South Africa, orange, tangerine, flowers (rose, marigold, blueberries...).

The Malescot farm obtains these qualities and original tastes through beekeeping geared towards the well-being of the bees and at the whim of their favorite annual appetite. Thus the honey obtained is a different nectar depending on the years and seasons.

Good, healthy and original in this box from the Domaine de Malescot, where we are beekeepers from father to daughter.

Long live Girl power and the happy bees of New Aquitaine!

Ab, eco-friendly, artisanal production, sustainable beekeeping, Girl Power

Weight: Honey 125g Tea 30g