GALICIA KOMBU - Algas La Patrona

Algas la Patrona


KOMBU Galician seaweed dried at low temperature to preserve its benefits and flavors.

Kombu is part of UMAMI foods, a Japanese term expressing the 5th flavor: which can be related to "tasty and delicious" and in Japanese by " essence of delights ". The origin of this flavor was discovered 110 years ago in Japan and is attributed to glutamate.

healthy and original... To be used in stews, broths, soups, vegetables, salads...

health level: fructose and mannitol (ideal for diabetics) - iodine (thyroid-growth hormone-brain)

- 100% eco-friendly - VEGAN - NATURAL - HEALTHY

- Objective 0 waste, responsible and reasoned culture

Ingredients: 100% seaweed from GALICIA, WAKAME - SEA SPAGHETTI - SEA LETTUCE

Net weight 40 grams