Organic blond lentils from Saint-Flour Cantal

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Ref : CHEF04

Lentil blonde de Saint-Flour (other name: blonde de la Planèze) is an IGP from Cantal.

Eat Local but not only ... Rediscover the taste of forgotten varieties ...

From 1998 to 2001, a handful of producers, in collaboration with chefs like Michel Bras, decided to relaunch a forgotten variety of lentil (16 seedlings of blond lentils from INRA collections).

In 2002, the blonde Saint-Flour lentil was first marketed.

In 2009, Red Label. Today, it has even crossed borders during the Slowfood movement (2004 and 2006) by becoming a "sentinel product".

Allergen-free, eco-friendly, old variety, 100% ORGANIC, red label

Weight: 1kg