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Jacky Blot

Ref : VE15


Jacky Blot well before the time of "Natural Sparkling" with his years of experience, succeeded with La Taille aux Loups, an exceptional "pet-nat". alternative to traditional sulfur methods

A fresh and expressive traditional brut sparkling wine that remains subtle and round. Lively thanks to its fine bubbles.

A dazzling nose of orchard fruits (apple-pear-white nectarine) and a light butteriness for gourmet roundness.

LABEL Ab not certified - natural sparkling wine on the lees - "triple 0" vinification (no chaptalisation - no draft liqueur - no expedition liqueur)

EXAMPLE OF AGREEMENT Aperitif and replacement white wine or champagne during a meal


STORAGE 2 years

Allergen(s)-Natural sulphites- Alcohol content 12.5- 100% Chenin grape variety