100% Plant-based Caviar FREE

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Ref : C&T-NOC002

Umiami is a young house that loves meat and fish but also seeks to offer products that limit the impact of overconsumption of these.

Their objective is to succeed in offering quality and tasty products, 100% without meat, 100% without fish and 100% without compromise.

They therefore imagined funny and tasty little balls made from plants !

Cheftrub invites you to discover 2 of their original and healthy products:

The 100% without Caviar (sturgeon egg) and the 100% without Salmon egg are prepared from seaweed (significant sources of nutrition), plants and leeks...

In addition, the spherification (chemical process with natural origins based on seaweed extract and calcium initiated by the Spanish Chef Ferran Adrià) of the balls gives them a zest of madness by bursting in the mouth, thus releasing the iodized and fragrant flavors ...

Eco-Friendly, zero waste objective, vegan, handmade, cruelty free, made in France

net weight: 100g