Sweet shortbread from Le Touquet Paris Plage

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manufacture du touquet

Ref : SGIN130

The manufacture of Le Touquet is above all a family story and a know-how transmitted from generation to generation!

Confectioner in the 50s, cocoa planter in South America, chocolatier in the 90s, biscuit maker since 2013, the De Rick family has more than one string to its bow. Gluttony is a family affair!

The De Rick family only works with local producers to guarantee artisanal and original products.

They have only one motto: The taste of good and authentic flavors.

Fun Facts

  • The stems of ginger can reach the size of 1m50.
  • Cinnamon is a memory booster.
  • The Tonka bean comes from the fruit of the teak tree.
  • Harvesting salt on the island of Guérande was already practiced in antiquity.

Eco-friendly, handcrafted

Gross weight: 130g