Sardinade with olives - Brittany

la belle-illoise

Ref : S771

A very simple recipe: sardine flesh for its delicacy, green olive for bitterness, black olive for power and fruitiness with just the right amount of garlic and herbs to highlight the flavor. 'whole...

A delight full of evidence on toast or in a verrine.

Responsible fishing LABEL seasonality of species pole-and-line fishing or pelagic trawling


STORAGE 2-4 years

INGREDIENTS Sardine meat (37%), extra virgin olive oil, green olives (9.4%), water, onions, black olives (9%), egg yolk, garlic, potato starch, herbs aromatics, salt, spices.

“Despite the attention given, pits and broken pits of olives may be present”

Allergen(s): Fish, egg yolk