Luzienne-style sardines with Bayonne ham and Espelette - Quiberon

la belle-illoise

Ref : S153

A candied and tasty preparation with accents from the South-West!

In this recipe, the flavors of sardines meet those of Bayonne ham.

The marriage between the land and the sea is supported by the finesse of the Espelette pepper and the fruitiness of the extra virgin olive oil.

Responsible fishing LABEL seasonality of species pole-and-line fishing or pelagic trawling

PAIRING EXAMPLE Cocktail sauce with sardines, south-west salad

STORAGE 2-4 years

INGREDIENTS Sardine (55%), extra virgin olive oil, water, tomato paste, onions, red peppers, red wine vinegar (sulphites), Bayonne ham (2 6%), aromatic plants, cassava starch, chilli d'Espelette (0 5%), salt.

Allergen(s): Fish, sulphite