Fish soup - Godaille fisherman - potato and vegetables - Quiberon

la belle-illoise

Ref : S855Q

A meal soup with an evocative name for a recipe that is both traditional and subtle….

On their return from fishing, the fishermen were entitled to a batch of fish called "la godaille". They cooked it with vegetables from the garden to make a rich and complete soup.

La Conserverie la belle-iloise reinterprets this classic: white wine, conger eel, prawns, lobster and herbs simmer together to give a broth rich in flavors in which pieces of pollock, potatoes and vegetables are cooked.

Responsible fishing LABEL seasonality of species pole-and-line fishing or pelagic trawling

EXAMPLE OF PAIRING Fisherman's Godaille soup with red onions, Buddha bowl with mackerel/lemon/bergamot/dill.

CONSERVATION See date indicated

INGREDIENTS Water, fish (18%) including pollack (8%), potatoes (11%), onions (7%), fennel (4%), white wine (sulfites), prawns, leeks (2%), lobster , extra virgin olive oil, tomato paste, aromatic plants (0.6%), salt, yeast extract, thickener: xanthan gum - dehydrated seaweed, spices.

Allergens: Fish, sulphites, shellfish