WAKAME from GALICIA - Algas La Patrona

Algas la Patrona


WAKAME, Galician seaweed dried at low temperature to preserve its benefits and flavors.

Brown seaweed of Japanese origin capable of growing in our Atlantic waters. With a thin, elongated leaf up to 1.5 meters. Mild and neutral slightly sweet flavor.

healthy and original... Ideal in salads, soup (cooking 5 min), sautéed, crushed to season...

health: high content of fucoidans (polysaccharides) which prevents obesity, regulates the immune system and has anticoagulant properties. Phosphorus (for memory) - Iodine, iron, protein and fiber

- 100% eco-friendly - VEGAN - NATURAL - HEALTHY

- Objective 0 waste, responsible and reasoned culture

Ingredients: 100% WAKAME from GALICIA

Net weight 40 grams